Hello and welcome to Let’s Get Legal!

This series is co-written by Simeon (author of the Levine Lowdown), and Guest Author, Daniel.

We will review, prompt ideas and demonstrate how certain court cases, statutes, legal philosophies, and everything in-between affect you and bear relevance in our society.

The legal system and legal jargon can be complicated and daunting, but we hope this series can highlight the importance and value of the law to our lives.

As the series continues, please feel free to express your thoughts and feelings and provide feedback to assist us in improving our future posts.

Here is a list to the articles in the series:



Article 2: border battles


Article 3: In Prison, Forever?


The content in this series does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. We encourage you to seek out a qualified legal professional if you need legal advice. Rather, this series aims to encourage conversation about the law and allow individuals to express their personal opinions surrounding legal matters.